Orders, Prices & Payments

  • Prices are listed in USD in the description of each item and do not include shipping fees.

  • Full payment required up front.

  • Please include your name and full address when purchasing an item.

  • I accept payments via Paypal. I prefer using Paypal Friends & Family, but I am flexible and am willing to accept any form of Paypal payment! Please be aware for non Family & Friends payments, I will need to calculate the extra Paypal fees into the final cost.

My paypal address is https://paypal.me/atsumedemon​​

      About Paypal Family & Friends

Please be aware that Paypal Family & Friends is a free option to send and receive money under the following conditions:

  • Payment must be sent from a US Paypal account


  • Payment is sent either from your Paypal balance or directly from your bank account via Paypal. It cannot be sent via debit or credit card.

All other conditions, such as Non-US Paypal accounts and those who send Paypal payments using a credit or debit card,  are subject to extra Paypal fees. Generally speaking, you can expect a 5% fee based on how much you are sending. Fortunately, Paypal does limit this 5% to $4.99 maximum. However, it is possible an extra 4% may be incurred for exchange rates. 


Please check with Paypal for more details on what fees to expect. Extra Paypal fees are the buyers burden and I am not responsible for nor will I give refund for these charges.




  • Communication is very important to me! I will be sure to respond to you as quickly as I can as well as answer any questions or requests you may have.

  • I like to send customers details and pictures of their orders prior to shipping so you can confirm exactly what you will receive. Of course, I will also send you the tracking number of your shipment immediately after it has been sent.

  • No refunds or exchanges once the order process has commenced. There are many Japanese shops that do not accept returns or exchanges, so once the product has been purchased, customers must be committed to their order.

  • In very special circumstances a full refund may be possible if an order cannot be processed completely, such as a product suddenly/unexpectedly becoming unavailable upon order. I will let you know if this is the case.

  • I am able to hold items and combine orders, but the time period for held items is limited to two weeks maximum.


While I primarily focus sales on items I display on the site and social media, I am willing to help with special shopping service arrangements for products not listed as well.  Please see the following information:

Shopping Services

What is the difference between standad oders and shopping services

The shopping service is used for the special request of products not posted on the site/social media. These products include items that are no longer available in retail stores across Japan and can only be found through specific means such as Mercari or Yahoo Japan auctions. Limited preorders and tickets for concerts/events may also apply. 

Shopping Service Payment and Policies

  • All the same rules apply as those for regular orders.

  • For products under $35 (approx. 3,500 yen) , a flat rate of $5 (approx. 500 yen) will be charged for each item individually before shipping fees.

  • Products that cost $35 (approx. 3,500 yen) or more are subject to a 15% shopping service fee for each item individually.

  • Domestic shipping may also need to be included in purchased from online stores.

  • I cannot do price checks for items you’re unsure you want to buy. Please only contact me regarding items you are prepared to purchase upon request. I will cut off contact with anyone who consistently shows no commitment to purchase.

  • I also cannot search down items, keep tabs on the potential of a shop getting a product, or go long distances only to check and see if a shop would happen to have an item. Buyers must already have the necessary details available for me to purchase the item they would like.

  • I may be able to visit shops within a reasonable distance to where I live, but this will include an extra roundtrip transportation fee. I live in central Tokyo, so train tickets range from around 400 - 600 yen (approx. $4-6 USD) depending on the location. Some shops may not currently be open due to COVID-19. There is also a high potential that I cannot go to shops immediately upon request due to scheduling conflicts, so if time sensitivity is an issue it would be better to hold off on such orders.



  • I am willing to help with auction items that are available for purchase immediately, but cannot offer shopping services for auctions/bid only items.

  • Quick payment is crucial in this case, considering  second hand products are not guaranteed to remain available for a long time. If a product disappears before I can buy it for you, you can receive a full refund. Once the product is purchased, I cannot return the item or give refunds.

  • Some products include extra fees such as domestic shipping and service charges. All items will be handled on a case by case basis and I can let you know what to expect upon receiving a direct link to the item in question.

  • Domestic Japanese purchasing methods can also sometimes be limited on second hand and auction websites. I may not always be able to purchase an item if I do not possess the required payment method or there may be cases where extra fees are imposed on certain payment methods. Again, I will let you know if this is the case before purchase.



  • Full payment up front will be necessary for all pre-orders. Some websites and shops require payment immediately, while others may wait until items become available. Regardless, immediate payment will be necessary for me so the pre-order can be fully committed to.

  • Pre-orders cannot be cancelled once placed.


Events & Tickets

  • I can help with ordering event/concert tickets, but please be careful when requesting tickets and do as much research as possible prior to order. Some ticket services can be very complex in Japan and require ID confirmation of the purchaser at the gate while others are sometimes non-transferrable and are linked to the buyer’s phone. I can help with tickets that do not have strict requirements, so please check for details before making your request.

  • If you have serious interest in purchasing a ticket but experience difficulty understanding the rules and policies of the ticketing agency due to language barriers, I am happy to help! Let me know and I can provide any necessary information according to the service you're looking to use.

  • I cannot enter lotteries as I cannot guarantee you will be chosen to win.