Demon Slayer Snacks and More!

It's been nearly a year since Demon Slayer took box offices by storm, earning a record breaking 32.12 billion yen as the highest grossing film in Japan, but that doesn't mean the enthusiasm for the series has slowed down at all.

Fans are still as passionate as ever, finding surprise after surprise at convenience stores with an innumerable stock of toys, candies, and snacks that feature the beloved characters on the outside packaging and occasional collectible prizes inside.

Family Mart in particular where I live seems to be the current reigning champion as a Demon Slayer emporium.

Shelves are lined with food and collectibles ranging from simple wafer cookies to figurines, keychains, cards, and stickers.

Upon closer inspection you can see how adorable all the chibi versions are!

And who isn't surprised by the various blind boxes to choose from? This one in particular is a bath bomb that contains a toy in the middle.

Don't walk too far or you'll miss out on the Kimetsu ramen! This smartly designed packaging makes the classic chicken cup noodles look like a piece of artwork. To be honest, I would feel kind of bad opening and eating it.

One of my favorites, Crunky, a crunchy chocolate bar, has bought in on the Demon Slayer craze as well. It also seems they have released a new flavor, cookies and cream!

After spending quite a bit of time looking through everything, I ended up getting my hands on a few snacks as well. As you can see, three out of the four are Demon Slayer but I couldn't pass up the new special edition Gundam Bikkuriman wafers!

For all this and more, please check out the Atsume Demon social media accounts posted on this site. Everything is available to purchase while supplies last and you may be able to find a few surprise deals along the way!

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