And so it Begins

Welcome to the Atsume Demon blog!

The purpose of this page is to deliver more information about products and ongoings in Japan that are simply too difficult to expand upon on social media. I have been working hard for the past couple weeks getting this shopping service up and running, but I have come to a point where I feel like there is just so much more I would like to share with everyone!

I hope this blog can provide an even more informative experience for anyone looking to buy products from Japan!

By the way, while I'm taking this chance to say hello for the first time, I thought it might also be interesting to explain a little about the name and concept of Atsume Demon!

Atsume is derived from the Japanese verb Atsumeru (集める) which means "to collect" or "to gather".

Demon was a bit of a stylistic choice I made to convey the idea of a "fiend", both in terms of a demon and people who are major enthusiasts over the hobbies, characters, and series they love.

As you may notice from the logo above, translating Atsume to "Collector" isn't quite accurate, but "Collect Demon" doesn't entirely have a natural ring to it either. By including the English "Collector Demon" in the logo I wanted to give everyone a hint as to what the name really meant, but it certainly turned out to be a bigger challenge than I imagined!

Fortunately it seems I'm not the only one who has faced this particular translation struggle before. A popular mobile game known as Neko Atsume followed the same logic when they translated the title to "Cat Collector". Although that wasn't where the inspiration of the name Atsume Demon came from, it did give me some peace of mind when choosing the name for this shopping service.

Anyway, please look forward to future updates on the Atsume Demon blog. I suspect there may be a few surprises you don't typically hear about from most shopping services online!

Until then, please check out the Atsume Demon Instagram, Facebook page, and Twitter account as follows:

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